Transforming Laboratory Services in Oklahoma

XYZ Laboratory is a medical laboratory that is uniquely positioned to provide the absolute best that preventative medicine has to offer.  Our years of experience, coupled with intentional product and process development, have allowed us to build an experience that drives efficiency and allows our patients to make informed healthcare decisions all while staying compliant.

Founded by a group of healthcare minded professionals that simply wanted to make a difference, we continue to ask ourselves daily, “Can this be better? Is this what’s best for the patient?”. By continually evaluating our processes and procedures, weighing the needs of patients today, and assessing the demand of the current market we are able to provide the absolute best that healthcare currently has to offer.

A modern approach

It’s essential for us that our clients get personalized and discreet patient care. Rather than do things the typical way, we’ve created a system designed around patients’ needs.

Our rates

SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test

Detects an active Coronavirus infection in a majority of symptomatic patients.

20 minute turnaround time | $110 Cashpay | $10 with insurance*


Utilizes polymerase chain reaction technology to detect an active Coronavirus infection in. This test is the most accurate  option, and preferred by most clinicians. 

24-48 turnaround time | $100 Cashpay | $10 with insurance

If you are uninsured & have symptoms or exposure to a person with COVID-19 you qualify for FREE testing under the CARES act!

 *For screenings, you must either have symptoms or have had direct exposure in order to use your insurance